Friday, June 8, 2012

Finals/TV Shows

Finals are finally over. Thank God school is done though - I was getting really sick of the constant tests and stress. Like seriously... just take a look at this tumblr post I made a while ago about school:
That nagging feeling in the back of your head telling you to finally start doing that project that was assigned to you a while back. Or at least study for an upcoming test. That’s my problem. Yet still, you wait and you wait until the day before and then start freaking out because you didn’t do a thing. This crude cycle rolling over and over again until you’re finally sick of it. By that time, it’s summer and the cycle gets to start again in the fall. 
What a sick school system. 
Oh gosh. It's all so true, but now that school is done I don't care as much. I just want to space out and relax all summer. Have that feeling where you have no obligations what-so-ever that you actually forget what day it is. That feeling where all you look forward to is hang out with friends and family and eat good food all month long.

Anyways, over big breaks I have this idea to always try to start watching one new show. Last summer it was Glee and Pretty Little Liars. Later on, I even started watching New Girl. I figured PLL got a little boring after a while. I mean, it was an okay show, but I just hated how long it's taking them to find out who A is. What can I say, I'm an impatient person.
I absolutely loved New Girl. Zooey Deschanel became my new obsession for a while. She's just so cute and bubbly. Definitely a unique one out of all the other actors.
Unfortunately, because of school I just kind of went M.I.A. with the whole watching New Girl thing. The only one I kept up with barely was Glee. Hope to watch some more New Girl this summer.
Two shows that I started up recently were Legend of Korra and Vampire Diaries. Here's a post I wrote on tumblr talking about my first impression of it (sorry for the tumblr posts here, they were at the spur of the moment and I feel they can best explain it.... and I'm quite a lazy one.):
Just a show I’ve been watching recently. Been liking it so far. 
It’s not as great as Avatar: The Last Airbender, but the plot is still good. I just don’t like the characters as much as the older show. Plus, it’s kind of bothering me at the amount of 3D features they include in Legend of Korra.
{And for those of you that actually watched today’s episode: MAKO!! ♥ ♥ I wonder what’s going to happen to him and Korra cause I really suspected something but now him and that other girl are together…}

It's definitely a cartoon that's not too childish. Sure, it has to do with bending and is shown on Nickelodean, but even my uncle likes it. It's packed with action and love in the perfect combination. I'm always excited to watch these shows because they leave awesome cliff hangers as well. I seriously recommend it. It's not as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender, but still great.
The other day my friend was texting me and she said that she's going to Canada. Before the day she left, she said she was watching a couple of The Vampire Diaries episodes which got me thinking about maybe choosing that as my Summer TV show. I mean, if someone liked it, maybe I should give it a shot.

So here I am today watching 4 episodes of The Vampire Diaries at 1:25am. The series is actually not that bad so far. Every episode has something scary that poops the crap out of me though. The edgyness of the show with the focus of love has gotten me hooked. I want to watch the rest all night until I'm caught up. Too bad I have to be awake for packing tomorrow since I'm going to Canada (coincidentally regarding my friend) on Sunday. Maybe I'll watch The Vampire Diaries on my phone throughout the car ride.

Alright, we'll it's time to retire for the night. Sweet dreams, my lovelies!