Friday, March 30, 2012

Yogurt Parfaits

Over the course of a few weeks, I've discovered the greatness of yogurt. It's healthy for you, first. Yogurt contains all good kinds of bacteria for your body.
However, I always knew that it was good for me. The real deal was that it was horrible to eat. It was simply vanilla or another flavor, which got tiring after a few bites.
Well, recently there was nothing good to eat at my house so I decided to whip out some yogurt. Not satisfied enough, I took out a parfait cup, squeezed the yogurt out of the Yoplait container, and started to add toppings. To make it pretty, I made chocolate curls with a vegetable peeler and some chocolate, and also topped it with oatmeal flakes (since I didn't have granola!) And what did that make? An amazingly satisfying breakfast or snack. I learned that eating yogurt plain (except the Strawberry-Banana one... That's yummy), is like eating only an ice cream cone without the ice cream. The great thing about it is that the toppings are so versatile- from cereals, to fruits, even cookies.
So next time you pick up that 30g of sugar per serving cereal that doesn't even taste good, put it down an take out the yogurt from your fridge drawer. A little chocolate or sugary topping won't amount to the same sugar as one serving of your cereal, anyways.

Favorite Bath & Body Scent

Midnight Pomegranate has to be my most favorite bath and body scent of all time. When I wear it, I have a sense of sophistication, but at the same time extreme happiness because it's so fruity. And as some of you may know, I'm a fruit, so it fits. (not literally, I just act like one if that makes sense haha)

Anyways, I've been through at least 4 bottles of the foaming soap (oh how I love foam), but I'm still on my first bottle of lotion and spray. I can't seem to remember to use them on a daily basis... Oh well.
I added a couple of pictures just to show you guys the ingredients. Someone told me there was drying sulfates in them, but I didnt seem to spot it in the ingredients, so I don't know. I couldn't capture a good picture of the soap's ingredients- sorry! :(

Speaking of bath and body items, I found a store online called I really want to purchase their body "icing" in Knight in Shining Armor and their bar soap in Birthday Cake. I'm trying to refrain to at the moment though because I still have to finish my stack of body products (have at least 30 counting). Blah!
But for those of you who are interested, I'm fairly sure theyre having a $5 off deal, so hurry!!

What's your favorite scent? It doesn't have to be from Bath and Bodyworks. I won't bite if you comment. <3

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Favorite Sandwiches Recipes

I know, I know. I'm probably going to be one of those wives that create sandwiches for their husbands all the time, like that typical "stereotype" or whatever you call it. But I really do enjoy making these sandwiches, and most of all: eating them. Ugh, they're so delicious. 

So first let's start off with grilled cheese. I absolutely love grilled cheese- maybe it's just because I'm such a cheesy person. :) Below I'll show you how to make it. Most people know, but I didn't know until recently and this may help some of those sandwich-challenged people. :)

Recipe: Grilled Cheese
1. Prepare your ingredients. Take out some margarine, two slices of bread (whole wheat is preferred since it's healthier, but grilled cheese isn't too healthy in general), and two slices of American Cheese. 
2. Spread the margarine on one side of both  breads. Here I balanced one on top my bread bag and the other faced down on my pan. Ensure that your first bread is faced down butter-side on the pan because that will be in replacement of oil (it'll help your bread grill and not toast/burn). 

3. Add your cheese. I add two slices of American Cheese to make it extra cheesy and delicious, but for those who aren't fond of having a cheese overload, one slice is fine. 
4. Add the other slice on top, butter-side faced outwards. 
5. Put it on the stove at medium heat and wait 1 or two minutes.  Flip it over and grill the other side as well. 
4. Cut your sandwich into fancy triangles and wala! The picture I have here isn't the best, but whatever, it tasted the same. :)

Now here's another sandwich that I thoroughly enjoy. I generally do not enjoy eating toasted bread, but this is an exception. 
Recipe: Tomato Sandwich
1. Toast your bread. I never toast my bread unless I make this kind of sandwich. Seriously, it makes the difference.
2. Apply yo’ mayo. The more you put on each inner side of your toast, the creamier.
3. Cut a couple of slices of tomatoes and place them between the two slices of bread.
4. Cut your sandwich fancily into triangles and enjoy! I added a couple of slices of pepper jack cheese because it’s yummy. :)

Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask Pineapple Review

So as some of you may know, I got this Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask from my February Glambag. I''ve been meaning to do a review on it, but I wanted to finish up the sachet first before  I do one. I finally finished it this morning - it says that the amount given is for a one time use, but I decided to use it at two different times. 

First off, texture. It was not very gooey, but it did cling to whatever it touched. 
I applied a generous amount to face, as you can see from the picture below. As for the feeling, it gave a great, cooling sensation. I absolutely loved it! The only problem with this mask is the fact that I had to wait 10 minutes until washing off- I normally am too impatient to hold for that long hahah. 
So when I tried to wash it off, it was a bit difficult at first because it kept clinging to me. However, I kind of worked it off and then wiped my face with a clean towel. My face was left feeling fresh and soft at the start of the day.
Overall, I'd give this 4 stars. :)
This is my "Yeah, I know I have weird stuff on me" face. Oh and i pulled my hair and bangs back to ensure that it didn't get in my hair as well. I know, I look absolutely horrible in this picture!

DIY: Earbud Holder

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of having my earbuds flop all over the place. One of my friends did this DIY off an idea on Pinterest, and today I decided to do the same and show it to you all.
It was linked to Apartment Therapy, which I found to be a really cool site a while back, so it was a good surprise to hear this idea coming from there.

1. Find an old used gift card or credit card and cut off the edges in the form of two trapezoids, like in the picture.
2. Using a strong hole punch or a drill, punch out 2 holes at the top of your card (you choose which side should be the top) and one hole at the bottom.
3. Cut some lines from the outside of the card to the holes for each of the holes that were cut. This allows the earbuds to easily pass through.
4. Fold back the top two cuts that you just made and slide the ear pieces of the earbuds in the slot. The gift card is flexible, so you can easxdily do this. Make sure you cut your hole a little bigger than mine so that your final product will be pretty flat.
5. Take the wire and wrap it around your card.
6. At the last step, loop the wire around the bottom hole twice and push the plug-part through as well.
I'm very bad at describing things, so I hope the pictures helped.
Tell me if you tried this out too and if you know of any easy techniques to store your earbuds/headphones in your bag. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Braille Burgers

Quick little post here. I thought I'd show you all this video... it's so sweet.
It's about how a fast food store creates 12 burgers that have sesame seeds arranged in the top in an order that spells out words in braille. The braille says things like, "Made with 100% beef" and small information like that. Yet still, this is a great thing the Wimpy fast food chain did. It really touched the lives of many blind people out there. It was so great that it was even featured in their braille newspapers!
Please watch- you'll have a smile on your face, too. :)

Blueberry Tart with Kelsey

Finally got the pictures in of what I did on Sunday with my dear friend, Kelsey.
After Sunday School I headed to her house and we made a blueberry pie/tart together as a late pi day celebration. Oh and might I say that it was very delicious.
Nina's blueberry tart

We caught up with what's been happening since we go to different schools, and I also got to meet her adorable pets again. I'm kind of obsessed with them. So yes, while enjoying some background music, we made the tasty tart and painted nails. Her other friends also ended up coming, but I had to leave soon after.
Here's a picture of me and the pie. I can edit this post later with more pictures once I get them. :)

I look a little creepy in this. Like I poisoned the pie, or something.

Hearts/Valentine's Day Nails Tutorial

This video was made a while ago, but I thought I'd share it with you all. It was for Valentine's Day- a cute design containing tons of hearts. I actually found out the trick of creating the heart through bubzbeauty on Youtube. She was drawing bumble bees from Winnie the Pooh and created dashed lines. She gave the idea to her viewers to use a bent toothpick to create the lines, but I thought they were better suited to create hearts and flowers because of the teardrop shape. 
Hope you all try this design! If you do, please share a picture. I'd be really happy to see one. :)

Items Used:
Sinful Colors - Soul Mate
Avon - Blossom 

Spring Flower Nails Tutorial

1. Paint your nails a creamy purple color besides your ring finger. Here I'm using Tutu Cute by Ulta (and you have to admit that the name itself is too too cute!).
2. Now use a white polish to paint your ring finger. The one I used was Wet n' Wild's French Creme.
3. Here are the things you'll need for this nail design. Instead of a brush you can use a bobby pin or pen for the flowers and a toothpick for details.
4. Create messy dots to represent the flowers on the white base of the ring finger.

5. Now mix the purple with the white polish to create a light purple used for detailing.
6. Draw a swirly design within the flowers, like in the picture.
7. Now take out your green polish and draw 2-3 leaves around the flowers.
8. And lastly, set your design with a shiny topcoat.
Remember that this design can also be done with toothpicks and bobby pins, so don't be bummed by seeing the brush.
Also, play around with it- do the springy flowers on all your nails or on your toes, or even have a different color scheme.
Hope you all try it out! I'd love to see a picture.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tuxedo Nails Tutorial

A while ago I decided to try out these cute tuxedo nails. 
They were inspired by Zooey Deschanel in this year's Golden Globes. She actually tweeted about them, so the picture on the far right of the photoset underneath is one that she took of her nails. 
Zooey Deschanel is such a cute and quirky actor. I love watching her in movies or in her show, New Girl. (I have to catch up on it, though.)
So my nails are pretty similar, but I decided to go with just a very, very small black tip instead of the normal black french tip that she's sporting. I wanted more space for the bow and the buttons. :)
Here's a little tutorial on how to have quick and easy nails like her:
1. Start of with a white base. Here I am using a Wet n' Wild white creme color. 
2. Since I couldn't find my brushes, I decided to use both a pen and a pencil. I still need to search for those. Both of these are good alternatives too if you do not own a brush/dotting tool. In the picture, I added a blob of black polish on a post-it note to use in my nail art. 
3. Create a bow using your lead pencil. It's fairly easy- just connect two triangles together. 
4. Line the outer edge of your nail with black polish on the tip of your lead pencil. If you want a thicker tip, I suggest using a steady hand to glide the black across. Make sure while you are doing this to move your finger in the direction you want, rather than the nail polish brush- this makes it an easy application. If you're not able to do this, try a nail art pen. 
5. Make three dots with a pen. The reason why we use a pen in this rather than the lead pencil is that the pen has a thicker tip, making the dots a larger size. 
6. Not pictured, but protect your design and give it some shine with a good top coat.
And wala! Here are your fancy, schamncy tuxedo nails. You'll look spiffy all over town. :) Hope this helped!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outfit of the Day- Guess Themed

I decided to wear this outfit- turned out to be Guess themed unintentionally at first.
Normally I think that Guess has bad quality clothing, but this one was actually okay.

Top: Guess- Navy Dolman Sleeves on Gray. Was originally $52 on sale for $32, then special store 1/2 sale + my $10 gift card so I purchased it around $7. Gotta love Carsons.

Bottoms: Just some $10.50 Forever21 jeans. Nothing too great.


  • Heart Faux-Diamond Earrings purchased from a small boutique in Houston, TX.
  • Guess Heart Bracelet- $12. One of the links broke when I bought it, but I've recently fixed it with a jump ring an some pliers, so I'm happy. :)

Show me what you're wearing in an OOTD. :)


Just the Little Things

From left to right in the pictures:

1. As a Muslim, I totally agreed with this! Hahah, it's a first world problem, but wearing wool was horrible.
2. I tried Samoas for the first time! Deliciousssss.
3. I don't know about you, but everyone on my twitter was talking about Pretty Little Liar's season finale. They were revealing who A was, but it being a Monday, I didn't have time to watch. I tweeted this and my friend responded with a witty comment!
4. Don't mind my disgusting looks, but I love this scrub! The smell and exfoliat-or makes me feel so clean and fresh.{St. Ives Apricot Scrub}

5. Just done with our nutrition health unit. Trying to eat healthy by eating oatmeal- its probably the most healthiest breakfast out there. Okay, maybe the sugary ones isn't as healthy, but I need at least a little bit in my system. Love the banana flavored ones!
6. & 7. Camera whoring, I'm sorry. But I learned how to dry my hair properly with a round brush! Takes around 30 minutes but it's worth it. I haven't dried my hair with a hair drier over a year, so this won't kill my hair too much with its condition right now. Imran said he thought my hair was pretty. Made my day. :')
8. More breakfast! Cheesy eggs for cheesy Huma.

Not pictured: Pita Inn trip because Imran won a great scholarship, and today's events which I will be discussing once I have pictures in. <3 How's you're week? Are you on Spring Break like me? What are you're plans to relax? I'd love to hear.

Draw Something

I've got to admit that I also entered the Draw Something craze. It's actually pretty fun if you try drawing. Here are some of the ones I've drawn this past week.
Notice this referring to Twist in Love Aaj Kal. Desis, you know what I'm talking about- the movie.
Are you playing the game? How do you like it?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

List of things I need to do:

  • To do my schoolwork quickly and effectively. No distractions, not this time.
  • Eat healthier. 
    • The other day I found out my body mass composition was 24 lbs. out of 105 lbs. That means that I'm on the border of 'good amount of fat' and 'marginal.' I must be subject to more diseases, etc than girls with an 'excellent' score then. Now I'm sort of scared. 
  • Be nicer to my family.
    • As in, respect them, listen to them, don't show them unnecessary attitude. If I don't like anything, I should leave, not show my discontent. 
  • Keep an open mind. 
  • Enjoy life. 
    • Not spend all my time thinking about negative things. I should be grateful for what I have. 
  • Get a good job in the summer. 
    • Hoping to apply to stores like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Bath and Bodyworks, Bed Bath and Beyond (pretty much anywhere they would take me and I fit the requirements... do I have to be a minimum of 18 to work at some of these?)
What are your goals? 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

Eee! So I helped one of my friends out with the HTML coding of her tumblr the other day. Her sister later asked if I could help with her layout on her blogspot. I thought it was fun to edit so I didn't mind- and I was totally not expecting anything in return.

Well I read her posts while I was at it and I left some genuine comments and questions. She recommended the MAC paint pot but I wasn't too sure.

On Friday her sister comes up to me and hands this little bag to me:

In the bag, there was a card (which explained that she knew it wasn't my birthday but the bag was a perfect fit and also said thank you for my hardwork). The other item included in there was the paint pot, which was from Macy's (who sell them for $17.50). I was really excited to see this, but I felt super bad at the same time. I didn't spend too long doing things I her blog, and I felt like I didn't deserve it. But I really couldn't do anything anymore but say yes.
I started using this product and I love it. It has a nice silicone creamy consistency and is easy to blend out. Just remember to blend quickly when applying. It's primary use is to use as an eyeshadow primer and to create a solid base (without veins) to work with. I did a little research and found that it can also be used as a concealer, but only for those whose skin tone is 1 or 2 shades darker than the paint pot.
I've been satisfied with this product so far. It's made my eyeshadows more vibrant and sometimes erased my dark circles. I do recommend this product- give it a try one of these days and tell me how it goes. :)

Christian Louboutin!

You have to admit- we've all had the desire to get our hands on the classic red-soled Louboutin heels. Yet how many of us actually have it? Little. The heels are a minimum of $300 and can range to even $4000 (ahem, have you seen those Swarovski covered heels?)!
Photo from here! - Priced at $3,395

Still, I was drawn to this article in Time Magazine's Style and Design issue, which was recently brought back to market.
The article was so interesting - I actually read all of it. It tells about Christian Louboutin's life, and the type of heels he designs. It starts off describing his work space - filled with very unique and interesting items ranging from a cheetah print rug, decorative head statue, a snoopy doll, painting of barely-covered boxers, and even a photo of a naked women laying down with her feel high up in heels. Christian Louboutin is really someone unique. His outlook on heels is actually very interesting.
He said that once two girls entered his store, one after each other. The first girl came in, tried on one of his signature 5" heels and said, "It feels great. I look like a slut! I feel like a slut!" The second one who walked in, who clearly dressed as a slut (pretty much too much cleavage and very, very small skirt) wears the shoes and says, "Oh! I look so chic, so elegant!" Basically his lesson from this experience was that "Shoes are a mirror of what you want, what you are or what you're missing."
At the moment, Louboutin has around 49 stores, and is planning to add more to that number. He's extremely fortunate to have such a wealthy and extensive designer line- even considering his childhood. When he was younger, he was kicked out of school at 16 years old. He had his mother write notes for him, claiming that he's suck actually. Even at the age of 12, he declared that he was homosexual, but when he was older, he often had women, men, or both genders at his house to engage in some naughty activities. His mother even encouraged this act by giving up her room when his father wasn't home. Christian Louboutin landed a gig with Christian Dior's shoe designer and became the assistant of the man who invented the stilleto, Roger Vivier.
Now onto talking about protecting his designs, he tries his hardest. He created a website to stop the production of faux Louboutin heels called and once had a law suit against Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) because of the fact that YSL used the idea of his red soles. YSL argued that a designer can't own a color physically, but Louboutin mentioned how YSL should be creative as a brand and should respect other designers. Louboutin would never use the idea of Tiffany's bright blue, or Gucci's ribbons that are Christmas colors.
I could say so much more about Louboutin. I lost respect and gained some for him at the same time.
What do you think about his life?
I thought it was extremely interesting to read this article, and hope that Time keeps up their Style and Design magazines. Hope this little post taught you something today, my lovelies. <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

February Glambag Review

When I got this in the mail, I was sort of disappointed. I thought this would come around the 3rd or 4th because they said that they would start shipping the bags to people on the 1st. Instead? I got it on the 17th or something - after Valentine's Day. I don't really care for myself about that, because frankly I don't care about Valentine's Day, but it's a huge let down to everyone who was looking to use these products. The company claimed to have them sent to houses before Valentine's Day so they can actually use the products.
Speaking of the Valentine's Day theme, I actually thought that the product would carry through the theme, too. As in pink or red lipsticks/glosses, or eyeshadows, etc. Things that would really make someone look glamorous. Not mostly skin products.

First I'd like to start off with just some extra perks I found with this glam bag.
2. I got some Ghiradelli chocolates along with my purchase. I gave it to my brother because I don't really eat caramel chocolates or milk chocolates, but it was still nice. :)

So now onto the actual items:
1. X Out Shine Control - I never really heard of this brand until now, but it turns out that it's pretty popular or something. It's supposed to mattify your face and you should use it as a face primer. My face becomes sort of oily now and then, but overall it's okay. I don't really wear foundation or anything on my skin to avoid breaking out more, anyways. So yeah, I used it as an eye primer one day (because I keep delaying my purchase of Too Faced Shadow Insurance/UD Primer Potion), and it actually kind of worked. No fall outs for Sidecar (one of the UD shadows in the NAKED palette that are infamous to have fallouts) this time!
2. NYX Roll on Shimmer - I actually sort of like this product. The roll on part of it seems easy to use and very practical. I'd probably only use it for eyeshadow, but other people claimed to use their roll on shimmer when they go to beaches (so they shine!) or as highlighters. I got this olive green color, which is the last color I usually wear, so I'm hoping that some store will let me trade colors? No? :(
3. Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask - Haven't tried this out either. I heard that they just say they come from the Dead Sea to make it seem exotic and amazing, but in reality they're just the same as any other.
4. Freeman Facial Mask Sachets - I know this might be weird, but I was excited to use this product the most, even though it's a cheapish drug store product. I used about half the sachet and it gave me a very refreshing feeling. The texture was soft, yet sticky, and cool. I got the pineapple one as you can see in the picture. :))
5. NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions - $100 Gift Card -When I first got this I thought, "You've got to me kidding me. $100 dollars?!?" I was utterly surprised to see that Myglam would be giving $100 giftcards to all their customers. I quickly went on their website to find that their items were expensive, but with the giftcard, they'd actually be pretty cheap- around $20-$50 for a professional styling tool. I was planning on getting a Chi straightener, but since this is also a professional company - and it's a bit pricer - I thought that this might be better product. However, I'm too scared to buy it because 1) There are not THAT many reviews 2) I researched and found that this, like the Dead Sea mask, is sold at sketchy kiosks. Hahah. I know, I'm so bad, but I don't know if I should get this. Maybe I should just get a chi straightener and use this coupon to buy a curling iron for $30 just to use it up and get a decent curling iron. What do you all think?


Today was a tiring day. Woke up early to study for an AP Euro test, so I was awake for quite a while. Around 8:30pm, my brother, my friend, and I went to this show held by a club at our school called Paradox. Let me just say, it was very strange.

"Boom boom hah! Sit the sit down."