Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Flower Nails Tutorial

1. Paint your nails a creamy purple color besides your ring finger. Here I'm using Tutu Cute by Ulta (and you have to admit that the name itself is too too cute!).
2. Now use a white polish to paint your ring finger. The one I used was Wet n' Wild's French Creme.
3. Here are the things you'll need for this nail design. Instead of a brush you can use a bobby pin or pen for the flowers and a toothpick for details.
4. Create messy dots to represent the flowers on the white base of the ring finger.

5. Now mix the purple with the white polish to create a light purple used for detailing.
6. Draw a swirly design within the flowers, like in the picture.
7. Now take out your green polish and draw 2-3 leaves around the flowers.
8. And lastly, set your design with a shiny topcoat.
Remember that this design can also be done with toothpicks and bobby pins, so don't be bummed by seeing the brush.
Also, play around with it- do the springy flowers on all your nails or on your toes, or even have a different color scheme.
Hope you all try it out! I'd love to see a picture.

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