Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY: Earbud Holder

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of having my earbuds flop all over the place. One of my friends did this DIY off an idea on Pinterest, and today I decided to do the same and show it to you all.
It was linked to Apartment Therapy, which I found to be a really cool site a while back, so it was a good surprise to hear this idea coming from there.

1. Find an old used gift card or credit card and cut off the edges in the form of two trapezoids, like in the picture.
2. Using a strong hole punch or a drill, punch out 2 holes at the top of your card (you choose which side should be the top) and one hole at the bottom.
3. Cut some lines from the outside of the card to the holes for each of the holes that were cut. This allows the earbuds to easily pass through.
4. Fold back the top two cuts that you just made and slide the ear pieces of the earbuds in the slot. The gift card is flexible, so you can easxdily do this. Make sure you cut your hole a little bigger than mine so that your final product will be pretty flat.
5. Take the wire and wrap it around your card.
6. At the last step, loop the wire around the bottom hole twice and push the plug-part through as well.
I'm very bad at describing things, so I hope the pictures helped.
Tell me if you tried this out too and if you know of any easy techniques to store your earbuds/headphones in your bag. :)

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