Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outfit of the Day- Guess Themed

I decided to wear this outfit- turned out to be Guess themed unintentionally at first.
Normally I think that Guess has bad quality clothing, but this one was actually okay.

Top: Guess- Navy Dolman Sleeves on Gray. Was originally $52 on sale for $32, then special store 1/2 sale + my $10 gift card so I purchased it around $7. Gotta love Carsons.

Bottoms: Just some $10.50 Forever21 jeans. Nothing too great.


  • Heart Faux-Diamond Earrings purchased from a small boutique in Houston, TX.
  • Guess Heart Bracelet- $12. One of the links broke when I bought it, but I've recently fixed it with a jump ring an some pliers, so I'm happy. :)

Show me what you're wearing in an OOTD. :)


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