Friday, March 16, 2012

February Glambag Review

When I got this in the mail, I was sort of disappointed. I thought this would come around the 3rd or 4th because they said that they would start shipping the bags to people on the 1st. Instead? I got it on the 17th or something - after Valentine's Day. I don't really care for myself about that, because frankly I don't care about Valentine's Day, but it's a huge let down to everyone who was looking to use these products. The company claimed to have them sent to houses before Valentine's Day so they can actually use the products.
Speaking of the Valentine's Day theme, I actually thought that the product would carry through the theme, too. As in pink or red lipsticks/glosses, or eyeshadows, etc. Things that would really make someone look glamorous. Not mostly skin products.

First I'd like to start off with just some extra perks I found with this glam bag.
2. I got some Ghiradelli chocolates along with my purchase. I gave it to my brother because I don't really eat caramel chocolates or milk chocolates, but it was still nice. :)

So now onto the actual items:
1. X Out Shine Control - I never really heard of this brand until now, but it turns out that it's pretty popular or something. It's supposed to mattify your face and you should use it as a face primer. My face becomes sort of oily now and then, but overall it's okay. I don't really wear foundation or anything on my skin to avoid breaking out more, anyways. So yeah, I used it as an eye primer one day (because I keep delaying my purchase of Too Faced Shadow Insurance/UD Primer Potion), and it actually kind of worked. No fall outs for Sidecar (one of the UD shadows in the NAKED palette that are infamous to have fallouts) this time!
2. NYX Roll on Shimmer - I actually sort of like this product. The roll on part of it seems easy to use and very practical. I'd probably only use it for eyeshadow, but other people claimed to use their roll on shimmer when they go to beaches (so they shine!) or as highlighters. I got this olive green color, which is the last color I usually wear, so I'm hoping that some store will let me trade colors? No? :(
3. Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask - Haven't tried this out either. I heard that they just say they come from the Dead Sea to make it seem exotic and amazing, but in reality they're just the same as any other.
4. Freeman Facial Mask Sachets - I know this might be weird, but I was excited to use this product the most, even though it's a cheapish drug store product. I used about half the sachet and it gave me a very refreshing feeling. The texture was soft, yet sticky, and cool. I got the pineapple one as you can see in the picture. :))
5. NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions - $100 Gift Card -When I first got this I thought, "You've got to me kidding me. $100 dollars?!?" I was utterly surprised to see that Myglam would be giving $100 giftcards to all their customers. I quickly went on their website to find that their items were expensive, but with the giftcard, they'd actually be pretty cheap- around $20-$50 for a professional styling tool. I was planning on getting a Chi straightener, but since this is also a professional company - and it's a bit pricer - I thought that this might be better product. However, I'm too scared to buy it because 1) There are not THAT many reviews 2) I researched and found that this, like the Dead Sea mask, is sold at sketchy kiosks. Hahah. I know, I'm so bad, but I don't know if I should get this. Maybe I should just get a chi straightener and use this coupon to buy a curling iron for $30 just to use it up and get a decent curling iron. What do you all think?


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    1. I did! :) I'll put the review on it soon - I keep skipping out on it. :\