Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just the Little Things

From left to right in the pictures:

1. As a Muslim, I totally agreed with this! Hahah, it's a first world problem, but wearing wool was horrible.
2. I tried Samoas for the first time! Deliciousssss.
3. I don't know about you, but everyone on my twitter was talking about Pretty Little Liar's season finale. They were revealing who A was, but it being a Monday, I didn't have time to watch. I tweeted this and my friend responded with a witty comment!
4. Don't mind my disgusting looks, but I love this scrub! The smell and exfoliat-or makes me feel so clean and fresh.{St. Ives Apricot Scrub}

5. Just done with our nutrition health unit. Trying to eat healthy by eating oatmeal- its probably the most healthiest breakfast out there. Okay, maybe the sugary ones isn't as healthy, but I need at least a little bit in my system. Love the banana flavored ones!
6. & 7. Camera whoring, I'm sorry. But I learned how to dry my hair properly with a round brush! Takes around 30 minutes but it's worth it. I haven't dried my hair with a hair drier over a year, so this won't kill my hair too much with its condition right now. Imran said he thought my hair was pretty. Made my day. :')
8. More breakfast! Cheesy eggs for cheesy Huma.

Not pictured: Pita Inn trip because Imran won a great scholarship, and today's events which I will be discussing once I have pictures in. <3 How's you're week? Are you on Spring Break like me? What are you're plans to relax? I'd love to hear.

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