Friday, March 30, 2012

Yogurt Parfaits

Over the course of a few weeks, I've discovered the greatness of yogurt. It's healthy for you, first. Yogurt contains all good kinds of bacteria for your body.
However, I always knew that it was good for me. The real deal was that it was horrible to eat. It was simply vanilla or another flavor, which got tiring after a few bites.
Well, recently there was nothing good to eat at my house so I decided to whip out some yogurt. Not satisfied enough, I took out a parfait cup, squeezed the yogurt out of the Yoplait container, and started to add toppings. To make it pretty, I made chocolate curls with a vegetable peeler and some chocolate, and also topped it with oatmeal flakes (since I didn't have granola!) And what did that make? An amazingly satisfying breakfast or snack. I learned that eating yogurt plain (except the Strawberry-Banana one... That's yummy), is like eating only an ice cream cone without the ice cream. The great thing about it is that the toppings are so versatile- from cereals, to fruits, even cookies.
So next time you pick up that 30g of sugar per serving cereal that doesn't even taste good, put it down an take out the yogurt from your fridge drawer. A little chocolate or sugary topping won't amount to the same sugar as one serving of your cereal, anyways.

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