Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christian Louboutin!

You have to admit- we've all had the desire to get our hands on the classic red-soled Louboutin heels. Yet how many of us actually have it? Little. The heels are a minimum of $300 and can range to even $4000 (ahem, have you seen those Swarovski covered heels?)!
Photo from here! - Priced at $3,395

Still, I was drawn to this article in Time Magazine's Style and Design issue, which was recently brought back to market.
The article was so interesting - I actually read all of it. It tells about Christian Louboutin's life, and the type of heels he designs. It starts off describing his work space - filled with very unique and interesting items ranging from a cheetah print rug, decorative head statue, a snoopy doll, painting of barely-covered boxers, and even a photo of a naked women laying down with her feel high up in heels. Christian Louboutin is really someone unique. His outlook on heels is actually very interesting.
He said that once two girls entered his store, one after each other. The first girl came in, tried on one of his signature 5" heels and said, "It feels great. I look like a slut! I feel like a slut!" The second one who walked in, who clearly dressed as a slut (pretty much too much cleavage and very, very small skirt) wears the shoes and says, "Oh! I look so chic, so elegant!" Basically his lesson from this experience was that "Shoes are a mirror of what you want, what you are or what you're missing."
At the moment, Louboutin has around 49 stores, and is planning to add more to that number. He's extremely fortunate to have such a wealthy and extensive designer line- even considering his childhood. When he was younger, he was kicked out of school at 16 years old. He had his mother write notes for him, claiming that he's suck actually. Even at the age of 12, he declared that he was homosexual, but when he was older, he often had women, men, or both genders at his house to engage in some naughty activities. His mother even encouraged this act by giving up her room when his father wasn't home. Christian Louboutin landed a gig with Christian Dior's shoe designer and became the assistant of the man who invented the stilleto, Roger Vivier.
Now onto talking about protecting his designs, he tries his hardest. He created a website to stop the production of faux Louboutin heels called and once had a law suit against Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) because of the fact that YSL used the idea of his red soles. YSL argued that a designer can't own a color physically, but Louboutin mentioned how YSL should be creative as a brand and should respect other designers. Louboutin would never use the idea of Tiffany's bright blue, or Gucci's ribbons that are Christmas colors.
I could say so much more about Louboutin. I lost respect and gained some for him at the same time.
What do you think about his life?
I thought it was extremely interesting to read this article, and hope that Time keeps up their Style and Design magazines. Hope this little post taught you something today, my lovelies. <3

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