Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Bath & Body Scent

Midnight Pomegranate has to be my most favorite bath and body scent of all time. When I wear it, I have a sense of sophistication, but at the same time extreme happiness because it's so fruity. And as some of you may know, I'm a fruit, so it fits. (not literally, I just act like one if that makes sense haha)

Anyways, I've been through at least 4 bottles of the foaming soap (oh how I love foam), but I'm still on my first bottle of lotion and spray. I can't seem to remember to use them on a daily basis... Oh well.
I added a couple of pictures just to show you guys the ingredients. Someone told me there was drying sulfates in them, but I didnt seem to spot it in the ingredients, so I don't know. I couldn't capture a good picture of the soap's ingredients- sorry! :(

Speaking of bath and body items, I found a store online called I really want to purchase their body "icing" in Knight in Shining Armor and their bar soap in Birthday Cake. I'm trying to refrain to at the moment though because I still have to finish my stack of body products (have at least 30 counting). Blah!
But for those of you who are interested, I'm fairly sure theyre having a $5 off deal, so hurry!!

What's your favorite scent? It doesn't have to be from Bath and Bodyworks. I won't bite if you comment. <3

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