Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask Pineapple Review

So as some of you may know, I got this Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask from my February Glambag. I''ve been meaning to do a review on it, but I wanted to finish up the sachet first before  I do one. I finally finished it this morning - it says that the amount given is for a one time use, but I decided to use it at two different times. 

First off, texture. It was not very gooey, but it did cling to whatever it touched. 
I applied a generous amount to face, as you can see from the picture below. As for the feeling, it gave a great, cooling sensation. I absolutely loved it! The only problem with this mask is the fact that I had to wait 10 minutes until washing off- I normally am too impatient to hold for that long hahah. 
So when I tried to wash it off, it was a bit difficult at first because it kept clinging to me. However, I kind of worked it off and then wiped my face with a clean towel. My face was left feeling fresh and soft at the start of the day.
Overall, I'd give this 4 stars. :)
This is my "Yeah, I know I have weird stuff on me" face. Oh and i pulled my hair and bangs back to ensure that it didn't get in my hair as well. I know, I look absolutely horrible in this picture!

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