Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Glambag Sneak Peeks!

That the April Glambag is coming up! (I'm sorry, I'll post reviews of the March Glambag soon when I get time to transfer pictures!)
For those of you who don't know, Youtube beauty gurus, such as Michelle Phan, Andreaschoice, and more have this company called MyGlam which sends you periodic professional makeup in the mail for only $10 a month. Sounds similar to Birchbox, but this company also gives you some full sized (along with deluxe sized) products.
I was pretty disappointed really with the last few Glambags, as I signed up for makeup and not skin care (still good to use, but I wanted makeup!). Tons of people complained about this, so the glambag girls finally decided to comply with some more girly makeup items in our glambag.
Every month they release sneak peaks slowly, but surely to get people excited and thinking about the bag they purchased. They already let out 2 sneak peeks for April's bag through Facebook, and I'm already sort of excited for the products!!

Sneak Peek #1:
What the facebook caption said:

"April Glam Bag Sneak Peek #1: It will be more than just black for your Glam Bags this month."

 - April Lederman

This one got me super excited! It's no doubt the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil. I've heard it's really creamy and smooth and I'm stoked to try it out. If I'm sure, this originally came with the NAKED palette, but I was not able to get it as they replaced the pencil with a brush to lower costs. 

Sneak Peek #2:
What the facebook caption said:
 "Sneak peek #2: Adding a little extra drama to your Girls Night Out."
Another one that I'm happy with. I've never tried fake lashes before, so this is definitely something that I'd love to try out. Fake lashes give such a beautiful fullness and definition on peoples eyelashes - it really completes a look in my opinion better than mascara (although I never got to try them). I just hope they send glue with because I'm too lazy to willingly bring myself to a store to buy some hahah. :)

They also said this in a different area:
"Stay tuned as we roll out more tools to store in your case!"
This kind of got me excited. In March's Glambag, we were send a pretty pink case and a crease brush (although it was more like a fluffy blending brush with the size and all). The only drawback was that it had a horrible smell to it (don't know how to describe) that even other glammies hated. Some even threw the case out! According to this quote, it seems like they're hinting that they're going to be giving other different kinds of brushes to add to the set. The funny part is that the case is quite small and would most probably not even fit the other brushes unless they were like angled brushes or something! 

Soo are you all subscribed to MyGlam? Or are you subscribed to any other subscription makeup companies like this? What do you think of this April Glambag? For those of you who de-subscribed, would you think about subscrbing again?

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