Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rose Garden Nails

Here is a nail design that I did recently. I was just in a super stressed mood Friday and wanted to relax by putting some polish on. After playing around I created this cute design that features roses and buds. My top coat ran out, so I just used a coat of clear polish that has glitter in it. Hoping to buy some Seche Vite soon (and no, I don't believe it will cause birth defects - that's just what the state of California puts on all their labels that have even the smallest trace of lead. In fact, even Starbucks products have that label- What's your take on that?).

I did this design with:
Sinful Colors - Happy Ending
Zoya - Juicy (what I'm holding in the picture)
A pink glitter polish (Sinful Colors, but I forgot the name)
Black Heart (880) - Sally Hansen (to mix with the green to create some shading on the leaves and stem)
White Creme - Wet n' Wild
Kaleidoscope - Wet n' Wild - Wet n' Wild
And a bright pink color to alternate with the Zoya - Juicy polish by Pure Ice

If you're interested in knowing what the other names are of the polishes I didn't remember, please don't hesitate to ask.

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