Saturday, April 28, 2012

Neutral Day Makeup - What I Use

I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis - really, I don’t have time for that. Ask anyone in my school and they wouldn't believe that I'm even conscious about my appearance. However, when I do, there are some items that I would use:
1. Elizabeth Arden neutral eyeshadow and blush palette - includes Vanilla, Melon, Mahogany, Cheek Color in Bare, Cinnamon, Sungold, and Teak (in order from left to right).
2. Brushes
  • Estee Lauder Powder Brush - came in a set of 4 along with some lipstick
  • MyGlam Fluffy Brush - to blend out harsh lines
  • MyGlam Angled Brush - to use some dark eyeshadow on my waterline or create some subtle eyeliner with eyeshadow
3. Eyeliner - I wouldn’t use all three together, but if I want a pop of color, I’d grab either of these. They’re the ones I love the best out of my colored liners. 
  • (From left to right) Ulta Automatic Eye Liner - Long Lasting and Waterproof in Teal Blue
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Ransom
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush- Liquid Glitter Eye Liner in Copperhot
4. Mac Paint Pot in Painterly - used to create a neutral and clean base for my lids, while hiding visible veins - sometimes also used as a concealer of my bags are horrible.
5. AVON Waterproof Mascara in Black 
6. AVON Liquid Lip Color in Chic Mauve - I wouldn’t wear this all the time, but if my lips are super pale and needed some color, I’d use this. The only thing I don’t enjoy about it is that it has a purple-y/blue undertone. 
7. Urban Decay NAKED palette

8. CoverGirl Pressed Powder in Creamy Natural

9. Dermstore Lip Quench 

As you can see, I wouldn’t normally wear foundation or much lip color, as this is a normal day look for me. Plus,   I think foundation for a teenager like me is only suitable if I have to go somewhere extremely important - which would be like my 1st cousins wedding, you know? Anyways, I try to keep the colors fairly neutral besides the eyeliner (which I only use sometimes). 
If there are any products that you recommend for me to try (preferably skin products and mascaras), please let me know!


  1. Those myglam brushes are nice to have!!

    1. Definitely! I'm really loving the angle brush from the April Glambag especially. Just got the concealer and other eyeliner brush as well. Don't you think this whole brush kit is a cute idea?