Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Gift From Kaitlin

My lovely friend Kaitlin gave me a gift yesterday for my birthday which was on May 10th. Since we don't have classes together anymore, it's a little difficult to find a time to chat or anything. I finally had gotten it from her and I was ecstatic. She knows me so well! :)
I've never tried the Sally Hanson Salon Effects nail polish strips, so I'm excited to do so. The butterfly design is cute too! I'll be waiting for my nails to grow longer in order to use these.
I also got this nail art pen by the same brand. It's in the color turquoise- so pretty. I also haven't ever used a nail art pen, so it's pretty neat to me. I like how this has a felt tip rather than one that is metal and like a pen. I feel like those ones with the thin metal tip don't give clean lines at all.
When I tried this out, I found it to be a weird consistency- not exactly like normal nail polish. However, I'm sure it'll be fine with a top coat.
By the way, dont you think the packaging is absolutely adorable? I mean, it has a flower on the cap! <3

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