Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY: Cute Heart-Shaped Paperclip

Hey guys!
So here's a super easy DIY that I know all my girlies will love. Instead of purchasing already-made, more expensive heart paperclips, why not make it at home in a matter of seconds?
So here's what you need: A paperclip and a long-nosed plier. You don't need a paperclip that large or colorful either. You also don't have to have a long-nosed plier. I've done it with my nails/finger plenty of times with success. Im only doing it with pliers here for easier-precision.
1. Place the tip of your plier (or nails/finger) in the middle of your paperclip.
2. With your other thumb and index finger, push the two sides up.
3. Make sure they're twisted in a way where the excess are bent down on the same side.
4. Slide it on your stack of papers! You can also use it for a book depending on how big your paperclip is.

Hope you liked the little tutorial!

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