Friday, April 20, 2012

Small Purchase- Redken and Arizona Tea

The other day, my mom and I were going to Supercuts right after school to get Imran's hair cut. Before we entered the hair cut store, we actually went to the store right next to it, which happened to be Jewel. If any of you know me, you may know that I LOVE Arizona tea. It's just so cooling and refreshing with the perfect tint of fruityness! My favorite are Peach Green Tea and Half Mango, Half Tea. How about you? So we picked up some Arizona and some 66 cent Warhead jelly beans.
Normally the jelly beans wouldn't be priced so low, but with Easter just passing, everything is super inexpensive! So if any of you are looking for some sweets to buy, I urge you to look in that section.

Anyways. so afterwards we stopped at the Supercuts next door. While Imran got his haircut, I looked around the dainty little shop for some hair products. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I knew that Supercuts always have the most amazing sales so it was fine by me to spend the time looking around. Supercuts always has great deals at the counter - up to even 60% off!
I was debating between getting this box of Redken products ($5) or a shampoo and conditioner full-sized Paul Mitchell- ginger scented ($10). Even though the Paul Mitchell products were of great value, I absolutely despised the smell. Plus, I decided to look for conditioners and shampoos that are Sulfate free so they don't damage the hair, but the Paul Mitchell product did have Sulfates, which is why I left it behind.

The box of Redken products was situated on the counter claiming that it was $18, but now is $5. With this value, I purchased the products. I've been absolutely enjoying some of the items. While I haven't used the hair spray yet, I used the texture cream and it was really interesting. I found it so cool how the texture cream comes out of the tube with the easy move of the nozzle.

So here was my small purchase/mini haul. If you're interested in a deeper review of these products, just shoot me a message!

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