Saturday, April 14, 2012

Room Tour

So my recent addition of fairy lights made me really excited about my room- I HAD to take pictures of it! Plus, I cleaned my room, which is a once in a month occurrence, so this was a pretty big thing to me. :)
Anyways, I took a couple of pictures of my bed, dresser, desk, and new fairy lights.
So here's my bed. I know, everything is so girly! I love it and dislike it at the same time. At one point I want a simplistic room with white walls and bright or sophisticated colors as accents. But at another point, I love everything that I put in this room and don't want to change. My fairy lights make the bed look like it's almost on fire teehee.
And here's my end table. The table itself didn't come with the bedset from Ikea. My parents felt that it wouldn't hold well on my carpet and keep falling over. As much as I wanted that instead, I'm still happy with this. I kept the items on here simple and clean- just some books/magazines/my art sketchbook and a cute little curli-que decoration. My alarm clock has had those butterflies since I was in 6th grade, but I still love it that way. :) Oh and that glass was there because I like to drink water before I go to bed. 

And here are just some more pictures of my fairy lights. They light up the darkness so well in my room. I feel so comforted when I sleep with them on. They're so whimsical- I love it! At first I was going to put white ones up, but I couldn't find any in my house so I put these up. I'm pretty happy with them nonetheless. 
AND HERE COMES THE DESK. I used to have this desk situated perfectly in my closet. It fit so well and I thought it was pretty nice that I could pretty much close my closet door on myself hahah. I got tired of it though, so I decided to move it back to my original location in front of the window. It's so distracting to have the shades open when I work (because I tend to just stare outside), so I just keep them closed for the most part when I'm working. I decorated my window with these girly hanging beads or whatever you call them. I purchased them from JCPenny if anyone is interested. I also got this fabric to hang up, which gives it more character. 

These are just some items on my desk. There's a pink board with magnets on the left and a cup of gel pens for sole decoration. I don't really put any notes with the magnets and the gel pens don't work anymore - don't tell! On the right I have a little mini-hamper filled with a bunch of pens and pencils to use while I work. Since I use nail polish so much while sitting on this desk, I also put my box of nail polishes here. I used to have this cool swivel thing that I got from a Starbucks gift that I stored nail polishes in, but my polishes didn't fit them anymore so I'm just using this storage as decoration until I get some more drawers to use. 
I put some candles by the edges of my window - I got a 4 pack of these citrus candles that I refuse to use because the color is so pretty. I think the other smaller candles were from Ikea - the white ones and the purple glitter. The white used to actually be pink because I melted the wax and put food coloring in it, but the food coloring evaporated some how leaving it a bit lighter pink everyday. 

On the right of my desk is this bookshelf. It's pretty messy, which bothers me because everything else is clean, but I'm too lazy to clean it up. I basically just have a red picture frame with the sample picture it came with from Ikea. I got it when I was small, so I don't know the price. The bookshelf is from Ikea as well - pretty much every major structure and mirror in my room is from Ikea if you want to know. The bookshelf just has some of my candles and a little vase on it, along with some Sunday School trophies and obviously books. On the bottom shelf is all my crafty clay items.
This is my dresser, which I adore because of it's simplicity. On the left of it, you can see a blue container that I store some of my other art supplies in. The markers and color pencils are in a drawer of the dresser though. On the top left you have a little peak at my pink dry erase board, too. 

Here are just some of the items I have on my dresser. I have a little stand that holds all my bangles (churiya, really). In the middle, I have a little jewelry box that I got as a gift - very Vera Bradley-esque. I also have a little heart bowl to keep any extra things in there. On the right I just kept some of my products that I use often. The rest are either in my bathroom or drawer. If you want to know about any of the products, don't hesitate to ask. 
And here comes the end of our journey around my room - the corner between my bathroom and closet doors! I bought this circle chair from Walmart for around $25. I was actually eyeing a bigger one with better quality for $30 from Target, but they stopped keeping it in stock in store. :\ On my walls I just kept a painting I made in 6th grade and a bulletin board. I usually just put pamphlets of events and other cards that I get on there to sort of express what I've done for a while. I also have a little towel that expresses the 50th anniversary in our school and my 8th grade graduation tassel. That blue pillow is actually an ipod speaker, but it sucks. Still, it's pretty soft and I love the color. I also have a little scrunchy pillow from 5th grade that I bought at a fair at our school for $4 and a build-a-bear from my friend's birthday party. 

And there you go! A detailed tour of my room. Sometimes it almost seems like I'm living in some cotton candy land because of the colors. If you want to know what my bathroom is like too (I decorated it), let me know. I just wanted to document this amazing moment when my room is actually clean, really. If you have a room tour on your blog, I'd love to see! 

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