Saturday, April 14, 2012

Personal Agenda

I was recently inspired by another blogger to carry an agenda with me. The ones the school had were so drab and I always forgot to write in it.
So when I was digging through my closet, I found a Kate Spade personal planner. I remember I got it back in 5th grade when I stacked up "Ahern Bucks" for doing good things or answering questions. Basically, we could spend that money on things we want at the end of the year that my teacher supplied. See, the thing is, that I'm pretty surprised that I picked this up. Nonetheless, I'm super happy! This even came with extra fillers for notes and to-do lists. So basically this was around 5 years old when I got it since the calendar was from 2000, but it didn't look used at all. Maybe someone gave it as a gift to her and she thought her students would like it since she doesn't use it. I searched it up online yesterday and apparently the one I have is the first authentic Kate spade planner. It ranges from $40-$80 online still and originally retailed for $200. I wonder how much it cost when I got it. I still can't believe that my teacher just gave this expensive item to her students, but am really happy to have it.
The colors inside are bright- with the tabs and pens I use. Plus, it has cute little pictures of purses, etc! I can actually see myself use this because I'd be motivated to use something so pretty unlike my school agenda. I'll be using this planner for everything- not just school.
Unfortunately I only have the monthly planner for 2000 and when I searched it online, the refills themselves are around $28. Way too expensive! And I'm also convinced that Kate spade purposely makes other refills incompatible with this so we'd have to buy Kate Spade ones. I guess I'll just finish up the ones from 2000 and just change the dates until the end of the year.
Oh and I also organized my backpack=everything in the right folders.
Finally getting organized, you know?


  1. You have such a cute blog and great pictures too!
    I'd love to know how you made the banner at the top of your page

    1. Aww thank you! I just edited my blog yesterday with the banner. It was fairly simple - I just used a paint program ( to write "humasays..." in a cute font and added a heart like that next to the name in a different layer. Then, I merged them together. I chose the banner size based on the setting of how wide the posts are. I also added little waves with this key: ~~ in the same font as the one I typed in for my title. Hope this helped!
      And I'll totally check out your blog- I like it! :) ♥