Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eclectic and Cute Mix from Urban Outfitters!

So I found a couple of cute clothing websites today while surging through the web. This one was probably the most well-known out of the bunch, and I knew that there's probably an Urban Outfitters near my home.
I never thought about going to Urban Outfitters - when I thought about it, I always felt that it was a little too hipster for me. Even though I had to pick and choose on that blog, I still really adore the things I found. 
I'll start off with the more eclectic and unique things that I thought were pretty cool! :) I'd totally impulsively buy them. Be forewarned, my friends. 
By the way, I'd just like to tell you how cute the website is. The design is very edgy, yet simple. Love it! 

Oh and I tried to find things overall within a certain price range for those who don't want to spend too much. I'll update this post soon with a link and price!
  • I thought this was pretty clever, considering you just clip a bow on your hair! Probably won't work for a girl who has hair texture like me, but for girls that don't have frizz, it'd be pretty cool and practical. 
  • The bag at the top right corner is very unique. The fact that it looks like a tux with pink details makes it so cute and eclectic. 
  • The lace fan... *swoon*. It looks so pretty! Someone tell me that these aren't really cute and possibly seductive. I dare you. 
  • DO YOU BELIEVE THIS IS LIPSTICK?! I find it so funny/cute that there's a little cat on the end! The color is pretty, too. However, I don't see myself ever using this baby- I don't wear lipstick anyways and would hate to ruin the cute cat! And it'd probably be a bit hard and uncomfortable to apply with the ears and all. 

  • I've been meaning to get a pair of everyday studs. I'm not really a pearl person so I don't wear the ones I have much. Although I'd love to have some (faux even) diamond studs, I thought these were pretty cute too. I'd totally wear the hear or stars ones everyday, and can see myself using the moon and stars together while mix-matching. 
  • I think these feather earrings are pretty and sophisticated. Don't know if they'd suit me well enough, though!
  • The last two pictures are of the same things. I love the threaded bracelets - the color combinations are a little out there, but I still think they're pretty cute! And they give 6 other gold bracelets as well. 

  • I've been wanting a watch for a while- specifically the Michael Kors watch that I have a picture of on the bottom right. Isn't it beautiful? I think it'd go with a lot of outfits because of the rose-gold color. The name is Michael Kors Rose-Gold Baguette watch, but it's so expensive! I'd never get my hands on a $300 watch like that. 
  • So I started looking for some alternatives and found a couple of watches on Urban Outfitters. I thought the mustache one was pretty unique and cute! It's a bit simple though for my taste, but nice nonetheless. :) 
  • There was also this typewriter-style watch. It can come in a variety of letters. If I were to get it, I'd get 'h' of course. :) It's also a bit simple like the mustache watch. 
  • The next two are the same types of watches, but different colors. The floral design adds a cute feminine touch! 
  • The next one is the one im COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH. It was originally priced $50 but only online its $15. It comes with two bands- the white and blue, and has 3 beveled edges. The two on the bottom right of the picture seem to have some rhinestone border, while the other one on the watch has a nice design. I want this so bad!! 

  • I've always wanted a beanie. They seem so effortless and cute. They could also hide up some strands of hair that I'd get frustrated with when I try to keep my hair down. I like this color, but I have nothing for it to go with. I'd probably choose a light brown or creme color instead. :). I found out how to sew these together too, so I might do a tutorial for a pink one (it's refashioning out of an old sweater!). 
  • These umbrellas come in a variety of trims. I chose blue here to make it clear how the trims look. I'd probably get a white trim or maybe even this one (depends) and decorate the inside with cute drawings by a sharpie marker. The sharpie wouldn't fade off especially since there's no water hitting it- it's a cute idea. :)

And that's it from what I found to like on Urban Outfitters! I'm sure I could look into clothing and other accessories, but it became a bit time consuming. Have you every shopped at Urban Outfitters? What'd you get and how do you like the store? :)

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