Thursday, August 2, 2012

Retro Patriotic Starburst Nails Tutorial

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July - even if this post is almost a month late! 

Next time you do something patriotic (or you just want to cheer on the U.S. for the Olympics Games!), try out this simple manicure. 
I think it would be better if the starburst lines were coming from a different direction, but these still look interesting nonetheless.

1. Paint on your nails a white base to represent the white stripes in the American flag. 
2. Using a sponge, sponge on some yellow to make the white look aged. If you have a more "cream" colored white, you can use that and skip this step!
3. Cut some diagonal stripes out of tape. Don't make enough for each stripe on every nail, as you can reuse the tape a couple of times. 
4. Place around 3 diagonal strips of tape on your nail and press down to ensure they're secure. 
5. Sponge red polish onto 3 out of 4 spots available to paint. Leave one of the two middle ones bare. 
6. On the last one, sponge on a dark navy blue. Use a small sponge for precise application, but still ensure that it's slightly messy and gives a sponged effect. That's what makes it look all cool and retro! 
7. Then, put some fine or even chunky glitter on the blue stripes to mimic the stars in the flag. I used more chunky glitter that I stuck on with some top coat. 
8. Lastly, add your top coat to finish off your design and make it chip-proof! 

And that's it! Hope you liked this fun nail art tutorial. 
-H. <3 

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