Thursday, July 12, 2012

Helloberry Jewelry

So for a while I've been seeing some bracelets by Helloberry featured on ThatsHeart's Instagram and Youtube. I've been seeing these styles of bracelets worn on SO many people lately. I don't blame them though- they're super cute.

Aren't they adorable? I love the huge chain attached to it. I probably wouldn't pay $15 for this though- I'd rather make it for around $3-4 max with the extra time on my hand and some jewelry/craft materials. What can I say- I'm a DIY person with little cash to splurge. 

Here's another type of bracelet made by them. I believe the lanyard is wrapped around a ball chain for this.

And lastly, one of my favorites - the Helloberry Vine necklace. The ones pictured in this is actually 3 stacked together. Normally, it is just one super long and thick chain with one row of colored beads. Each color has a unique name to them- like the navy blue one is named Katy and the light Parisian pink is named Emmeline. I really do love this one and want to try it out soon. It's so simple to make that I might even make a quick tutorial on it on the blog! 
Gosh, i want it so bad, but I can't afford to pay $28 for it. :3 

That's all for now - I was planning on uploading a huge haul post, but all the pictures are on my mom's laptop! :(
Till next time, 

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