Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OOTN // Outfit of The Night - Birthday Party

Remember my friend Kaitlin that gave me those nail stickers and that nail polish pen? Well she had her 16th birthday party (yayy happy birthday to her!) and we had to dress semi-formal.
Just the same day I went shopping and got a dress that I really like from Pacsun. Here are some pictures of the dress and how I wore it to her party:

I have to wear black leggings and a longer sleeved shirt for religious purposes, but I still think it turned out okay! Oh and I don't wear shoes in the house, but I wore my new H&M black flats. :) 

What an awkward picture. Uhm. Basically I just wanted to show the cute stringy/cutout details  around the arm area. 

And I tried to take a picture showing the hemline. I don't know if you can notice, but the dress has a high-low hemline that I'm loving! I've been seeing it all over the place in skirts and I'm so happy I finally have something like it! 

Here is the purse I wore - just a blue coach clutch.

I tried not to take such a disgusting picture of my ears, but these studs are just so cute! I love how simple and dainty they look. I got them at H&M. 

And lastly, a picture of the necklace that I miraculousely saved in time for the party. It was literally in so many pieces. Thank god for pliers.

So yeah - Just thought I'd show you all cause I actually made a decent outfit this time.
Thanks for reading! Adios muchachos!

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