Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reuse those Dried-Up Gel Pens!

So I was cleaning out my things and found a whole bunch of gel pens that don't work anymore. I was so sad to see that I didn't use them much or remembered about them.
To be honest, I still didn't want to throw them away- even though they didn't work. The packaging of each pen was just so pretty and colorful that I couldn't stand throwing them away.

Look at all these! Ahhh, the colors make me happy. :)

At these times, I just feel like I should he a therapist and be on Hoarding: Buried Alive cause I really seem like I have a problem.
But I'm telling you, I have good intentions for these. I decided to switch the ink tubes of ugly pens into these ones. And my gosh, they're much cuter. It only took some tape, some curled wire that you get with clicky pens (you probably don't need that if you have tape and make it into a thick coil) and the new ink tube itself.
All I did was use clear tape to stick the coil around the ink tube. The reason why I kept the coil was because it was big enough to stop the whole ink tube from falling in. I'm sure you can also just wrap the tape around the tube loosely to get a diameter similar to the coil as well.

It says "well hi there!" but the picture isn't too great to see it clearly. :\

So yeah- now I have a pretty, yet black pen to use. I might have to paint the bottom tip of it black with nail polish (in the appearance of dip dye!) to determine the color of the ink easily.
If you have gel pens that are finished, throw out the old ink tubes and bring in the new!
Hope you learned something.

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